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Drug Testing Certification – Drug Test School

Classroom Training

Our web / internet based training is unique, engaging, and memorable.  Each course is truly interactive.  Self-paced courses include rich multi-media, interactive animations, and strong
instructional design rooted in industry regulations and practices.  All certificates are PASSWORD protected and individualized records are permanently maintained.


  • NEW DOT rules and regulations (Updated 05/04/2010 49 CFR Part 40)
  • Reasons for testing 
  • Test methodologies and procedures
  • How tests are conducted
  • Obstacles in testing and troubleshooting
  • Recognizing signs and symptoms
  • Record keeping and reporting



  • Comply with up to date regulations and industry standards
  • Reduce cost of new and refresher training
  • Develop expertise through interactive, one-on-one learning
  • Communicate with trainer and peers
  • Convenient 24/7 learning at your own pace
  • Personalized permanent, secure training records
  • Notification of renewal requirements
  • Increased retention and Higher passing rates
  • More value for your training dollar
  • Dynamic course modules
  • Continuing education credit

Class Format Pros Cons

– sit in the classroom with other students

  • Interaction with other students
  • face to face instruction
  • ability to train a large number of people at one time
  • limited schedule (only conducted several times per year)
  • more expensive (requires transportation costs)

– class is conducted via the internet

  • classes offered weekly
  • private instruction
  • less expensive (no transportation costs)
  • requires a web cam and high speed internet connection

Personal Health Insurance Quote

Purchasing a personal health insurance plan might seem like a daunting task. But if you cannot purchase heath insurance through your employer, you need to find your own health care option. Where do you start? Well, you came to the right place.

What kinds of Personal Health Insurance Quote are available?

Here are just some of the options for a “. Some insurance policies allow you to choose your own doctors, while others require you to work for a list. A preferred provider plan only gives you a short number of choices for your doctors and hospitals, but the premiums are lower. A point of service insurance policy gives you more freedom. Discount health plans are also available. These insurance plans function more as supplements to your main package and give discounts on certain health care services. Some insurance policies are comprehensive, meaning they include supplemental coverage on things like dental and vision expenses. Or you could look for a supplemental policy to add to your basic insurance coverage, which might work out to be cheaper for you than purchasing a comprehensive insurance plan. Some of the other supplements that may or may not be included in your policy are disability insurance, pregnancy insurance, medication insurance, hospital stay insurance, cancer insurance, and accident insurance.

What type of Personal Health Insurance Quote do you need?

After you look at all of the options that are available, you need to narrow down the choices. You might decide that a comprehensive insurance plan with dental and vision and medication supplemental insurance is the right amount of coverage for you. Then you need to decide how long of a policy you need. A ” for a long term insurance policy is probably going to be cheaper than a short term insurance policy, but a short term health insurance policy is ideal for someone who is between jobs.

What determines the cost of your Personal Health Insurance Quote?

Many factors go into determining the cost of your personal health insurance quote. Age and gender are two main factors. Women typically need more medical care for much of their adult life because of pregnancy and childbirth, so their health insurance can often be more expensive. And as people age, they need more medical care and more medication, so health insurance for seniors is more expensive than health insurance for the middle aged. These expenses cannot be helped. But what can you do to lower the cost of your monthly health insurance?

How can you lower the cost of your Personal Health Insurance Quote?

One factor that you can change to lower the cost of your health insurance is your tobacco use. Smoking is harmful to your body, and health insurance costs reflect that. However, if you haven’t smoked in the last year, your health insurance company might give you a discount on your premium. Another factor you can change is your body mass index (BMI). Your BMI is basically a height to weight ratio that gives your insurance company a clue about your general health. If you have a health BMI, you will not be a high risk client for your health insurance company and they might pass the savings along to you. But the biggest way that you can save money on your ” is to take a higher deductible. The higher your deductible is, the lower your premiums will be. Choosing a higher deductible is a great way for healthy people to save on their monthly insurance premiums.

Are you ready for a Personal Health Insurance Quote?

Your health is too important to risk. Don’t wait to see what changes will be made in today’s health care. Act now and protect yourself with a personal health insurance policy. Personal health insurance will cover expensive medical bills and take a weight off of your shoulders. You shouldn’t have to worry about what the future might bring, and you won’t if you have personal health insurance.

Enter your zip code at the top of this page to get your free personal health insurance comparison quote today.

All Natural Cures, Treatments, and Organics

Ear mites can be a source of severe annoyance and disease. They are common in dogs and cats. These mites spend most of their life in the ears and are very irritating. Ear mites often cause your dog to scratch to the point where it tears out all of the hair and creates bleeding sores around the ears. Scratching can result in re-infestation with mites from the paw or tail.

If an ear mite infestation is ignored it will almost always be followed by a bacterial infection because the bacteria find easy access to living tissue through the holes left by the mites.

Such an infection can spread deep into the ear and eventually penetrate the brain causing convulsions and death.

Veterinarian treatment is antibiotics, which weaken your dog’s immune system.

All natural ” treats and prevents infections of the ear without any of the side-effects and adverse effects on immune functioning that antibiotics do.

” also reduces your dog’s pain, itching, inflammation, and discomfort, in addition to preventing their constant scratching of the ears.</span></span></span>

Arthritis occurs in dogs in several ways. It can come about due to an injury to a joint, as an inflammatory disease of the bone, due to improper shape or conformation, improper nutrition, improper weight, heredity, physical stress or due to the ravages of time.

is an excellent choice for dogs suffering from arthritis, rheumatism and degenerative joint disease, and can also be used as a tonic and preventative in dogs known to be susceptible to joint and bone ailments.

” is specially formulated and contains unique substances that are well known for their therapeutic and protective effect on your dog’s skeletal system, including muscles, joints, cartilage and tendons.

Nutrition is a key element in the treatment and prevention of many muscle and joint problems. As part of a holistic approach to treating your dog, ” can treat the symptoms of existing arthritis, rheumatism, and degenerative joint disease, plus cleanse and purify the system and improve liver functioning, and reduce the toxins and acid buildups associated with these diseases.

” relieves pain and inflammation, and helps to build and strengthen your dog’s immune system, plus strengthen and protect their skeletal system and generally improve the overall health of your dog to prevent muscle and joint diseases. </span></span>