Symptoms of Stomach Cancer People Are Likely to Ignore


Stomach cancer is also called Gastric Cancer which is developed on the lining of the stomach. The person having with gastric cancer may not be known and aware of this until server illness occurs. The symptoms of this disease can be estimated as other common problems and ignore the reasons of them. In the gastric cancer cells from the stomach lining are modified and affected that creates a malignant tumor. The tumor slowly becomes large in size and the cancer cells spread over to the complete digestive system.

Stomach cancer can be cured if it is investigated at early stages with relevant treatments. Otherwise it becomes difficult at later stages and no treatment can save the victim. Particularly symptoms of Stomach Cancer, people are likely to Ignore and may not discover it at early stage. It results with life threat for having no effective treatment and further actions.

* Indigestion can be occurred very frequently with stomach discomfort and it may be not taken seriously by the person.

* Stomach fullness is felt by the affected person frequently after eating food. Bloating also exists after having food very regularly and becomes a problem.

* Pain exists in the stomach after the food consumption as the stomach responses with uneasy food digestion. Endoscopy may have been done and check about the problems in the stomach. Many of gastric cancer cases reveal after the endoscopy check only. Until then some people even not know about they are having stomach cancer.

* Nausea and heart burn also seen at early stages at people. Some symptoms may be misunderstood as related to some other disorders or common indigestion problems. Heart burn may think of the cardiac problem.

* Diarrhea or constipation also occurs occasionally because of the complicated digestion process in the patients. The problem is instantly suppressed with normal medicines and get forget taking unserious.

* Loss of appetite is another sign of cancer disease and the person do not like to have nutritious food. Because of less consumption of food person will not absorb enough nutrients and supplements. It causes severe weight loss and weakness in the patient.

* With some more advancement in stomach cancer, one may have discomfort in the upper and middle portions of the abdomen. Irritation and uneasiness occurs in the person.

* The victim may find blood in the stool that appears black and tarry. One must find out and get checked for the reason without making it late.

* Vomiting of food becomes frequent and stays for some days regularly. With severe cases blood is seen in the vomiting. It makes the patient very weak and results to fatigue associated with mild anemia. It may not be taken lightly and immediate check with doctor is required.

If stomach cancer is not discovered at early stage it spreads over the other parts of the body and becomes life threatening. Smoking and alcohol consumption increases the risk of developing gastric cancer significantly. So People must take care of themselves for not living with unwanted habits and lifestyle.

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