The Symptoms Of Hemorrhoids Should Not Be Ignored


The symptoms of hemorrhoids are noticeable fairly early, and may actually be treatable with home remedies or over-the-counter treatments. However, most people ignore the symptoms of hemorrhoids because they are embarrassed or don’t want to deal with them. This is a mistake.

Internal hemorrhoids are the most common type of hemorrhoid and occur because of continual strain during bowel movements, prolonged sitting, pregnancy, a sedentary lifestyle, eating a low-fiber diet, being overweight, standing or lifting too much, anal intercourse, and cirrhosis of the liver.

The symptoms of hemroids include small amounts of blood on the stool or on the toilet paper after wiping, discomfort from incomplete bowel movements, rectal itching, skin irritation, pain, and a soft lump felt at the anal opening.

The most noticeable internal hemorrhoids symptoms will be the blood in your stool. Blood in the stool doesn’t always mean hemorrhoids, though. A doctor can tell you more about what you have and recommend a course of action to take.

Internal hemorrhoids symptoms also include discomfort. This is caused by incomplete bowel movements, probably the result of a low-fiber diet. If this discomfort turns into severe pain, then you may have even bigger problems like colon or rectal cancer.

Symptoms of internal hemorrhoids also include rectal itching. This is because these kinds of hemorrhoids seep mucus. This causes irritation of the rectal tissue and causes the itching which can be continually bothersome and embarrassing for those who suffer from it.

As hemorrhoids grow and start to bulge out of the anus, they will start leaking their mucus onto the external skin of the buttocks. This is one of the symptoms of hemorrhoids that can be prevented if you start treatment soon enough.

Symptoms of hemorrhoids like outright pain will be noticeable as the hemorrhoids swell if they are further irritated by what originally caused them. Eating more fiber (about 25 grams a day) will help alleviate this swelling as you have healthier bowel movements.

If you feel a soft lump at the opening of the anus, start some kind of home remedy right away. This is the first sign of symptoms of hemorrhoids that, if left untreated, will become unbearable and require a doctor’s care.

The initial symptoms of hemorrhoids will tell you that something is definitely wrong. If you see blood in your stool, feel discomfort or pain in the rectal area, or have problems going to the bathroom, seek medical help as soon as possible.

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