The Importance Of Using Breast Augmentation Bras After Surgery


Recovery from augmentation mammaplasty includes the need for breast augmentation bras. Following the operation the chest is swollen, sutured, and needs to be well cared for. A decrease in activity, particularly exercise, is recommended for the first week or more of recovery. Compression garments and special wraps are used to keep the swelling contained, the incisions clean, and implants and drainage tubes in place for approximately six weeks.

What Is Augmentation Mammaplasty

Also referred to as breast enlargement, the procedure involves the insertion of saline or silicone implants either behind the pectoral muscle or between the muscle and the glandular tissue of the mammaries. Often done for cosmetic reasons, the technique can also be used for reconstruction of the breasts of women who received mastectomies due to cancer, disease, or birth defects. The procedure is also sometimes done in men as pectoral implants.

The Need For Compression Garments And Wraps

The key necessity for women following the operation is support for their fuller chest. This prevents the reopening of the incision, the tearing of sutures, and increased pain or discomfort for the patient. Support wear is also important to prevent the implants from rising or shifting. A potential negative outcome of surgery is asymmetry or misshapen breasts. The devices are also used to minimize swelling and increase recovery time. Breathable fabric such as cotton allows the skin to heal with minimal scarring. It is recommended that the compression wraps and material be used for six weeks. Having two on hand will insure that one can be worn while the other is laundered.

Types Of Compression Garments and Bras

Providers of the specialty women’s ware have a variety of selection and can be found through a simple internet search. The plastic surgeon may also have recommendations for local shops that specialize in post-surgery clothing. Prices range from $ 25 to over $ 150 for kits and larger items such as a bolero, a compression garment with sleeves.

Wraps are lengths of fabric in a single width which circumscribe the chest just beneath the underarm. There are bandeaus, which are cut like wraps, but are used to form a cup shape in the front and keep the implant in place. The two compresses are often worn with other support material. Support or surgical bras are often made of soft cotton with adjustable hooks to allow for alterations based on the progress of the swelling. Many of the garments appear as vests offering full coverage of the chest. It is important for a patient to speak with their doctor about which breast augmentation bras are best for their recovery.

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