Need For Paraben Free Products

The chemical that is used in various cosmetics and pharmaceutical products as a preservative is known as paraben. This chemical has been used all over the world for the last seventy years. Recent studies suggest that these chemicals are bad for the skin and body. The uses of paraben free products have been widely suggested by beauticians and medical practitioners all over the globe. The chemicals that can effectively replace its use in cosmetics and other pharmaceutical products are sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, diazolidinyl urea and other varieties of organic acids.

Various products that are free from this harmful chemical under the tag line ‘Paraben free products’ are found these days. One can look out for such products online and read the list of ingredients and customer reviews for surety. Since the use of it has been widely found in almost eighty-five percent of the beauty products, one must check the ingredient list properly to find a proper beauty cream, lotion or any other product before using it directly on bare skin. The products that contain paraben have a greater longevity than other products. One must always check the date of expiry and compare the validity time span of any beauty product or pharmaceutical product to be sure if it does or does not contain paraben.

The endocrine system of an individual is adversely affected by the constant use of this chemical. Skin in the largest organ of the body therefore the application of any cream or lotion containing it slowly spreads to the other parts and in turn adversely affects those areas. In men, often the sperm count is reduced due to its use. Again specific problems related to testicular cancer and male breast cancer are reported to be found due to its use. The female breast cancer tumors have been reported to contain certain percentages of paraben. The hormonal balance is disrupted along with the adverse affect of improper secretion from glands.

These obviously increase the need for people to use products that is devoid of this chemical. The reproductive problem that finally leads to reproductive failure is also a cause. Although the main function of paraben is to preserve the products in which it is used as an ingredient, it causes premature aging for the users. The immune system of the body is also weakened by its use therefore this dangerous chemical should be avoided as much as possible.

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