Drinking Alcohol Can Save Your Life

Alcohol has been used for centuries as a medicinal product. Its properties are well known and recorded. Although the ill effects of heavy consumption of alcohol have usually shrouded the benefits, there is enough evidence to show the link between moderate drinking and good health.

Moderate Drinkers have proved to actually live longer and happier than both non and heavy drinkers. The frequency of heart attacks is greatly reduced with a controlled consumption of alcohol. Drinkers are protected from peripheral artery disease, hypertension, common cold and Alzheimer’s disease.

Research also shows that sensible drinking can reduce the risk of an umpteen number of diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, bone fractures and osteoporosis, kidney stones, digestive ailments, stress and depression, pancreatic cancer, erectile dysfunction, hearing loss, gallstones and liver disease.

Of course eating healthy and exercising regularly can bring about the same benefits, but it has come to light that the consumption of alcohol is much more effective. What a person achieves by sticking to a very low fat diet and regular vigorous exercise can be achieved by moderate drinking: this lowers blood pressure significantly.

Longevity is a well proven fact among moderate drinkers. A study in Harvard found death to be at least 28 % lower among men who drank sensibly against teetotalers.

A moderate drinker has a very low possibility of a heart attack. Scientists at Harvard have confirmed that drinking one beer or wine a day could prevent coronary heart disease. A Survey among British women also found lower risk of cardiovascular diseases among moderate drinkers.

Apart from preventing heart problems, alcohol increases your chance of battling them. Moderate drinkers have 32% greater chance of surviving a heart attack. Alcohol improves one’s blood lipid profile, reduces platelet aggregation, reduces blood pressure, increases coronary blood flow and decreases LDL (bad) cholesterol. On having a heart attack, alcohol lessens the impact on the affected tissue.

About 800,000 men and women were analyzed to find the link between kidney cancer and alcohol consumption. It was proven that those who took at least one drink a week were less likely to have kidney cancer. For women the risk dropped by nearly 80 %. Even metabolic syndrome can be prevented by nearly 66% by moderate drinking.

Alcohol drinking can prevent platelet growth, increasing production of t-PA which can inhibit blood clotting. This in turn prevents blood pressure and keeps your heart healthy.

Alcohol was once thought to be an irritant in the stomach and was believed to lead to the formation of ulcers. But recent advancements in medicine have made some starling discoveries. Alcohol is said to destroy a bacterium H.pylori, which is one of the greatest causes of ulcers.

Moderate drinking refers to about one or two drinks in a day. Women are smaller than men and hence their body can only take about a third of what a man can drink. While over drinking can have disastrous effects on your body, moderate and sensible drinking can save your life!

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