Tsoma safaris – african hunting safaris


Once you arrive at Johannesburg International Airport, you’ll receive the warmest African welcome from a representative
of Tsoma Safaris who’ll transport you to your camp in a luxurious, fully air conditioned vehicle.

To reach your concessions might take from 2-6 hours by road.
Should you prefer it, a chartered flight can be arranged.

Fully equipped hunting vehicles are used. These are obviously fully rigged for hunting and equipped with
medical supplies. In addition, the vehicles are fitted with sophisticated radio communication systems, including GPS tracking.

Tsoma Safaris has a full range of rifles for hire. These are suitable for hunting small and large game. For non-hunters, a
game-viewing vehicle is available to enjoy photographic safari trips.

We suggest that you zero your gun at 100 yards before departing for South Africa. The gun will be fired again prior to the
hunt to ensure that it’s accurately sighted. If you intend shooting plains game, we suggest that you use a .270 or greater
calibre rifle. The minimum calibre required for hunting Big Five animals is a .375. While you are encouraged to bring your
own firearm for hunting, Tsoma Safaris provides rental firearms at a daily rate of $25 to $50, excluding cost of ammunition. Should
the firearm be damaged, the client will be liable for any costs arising from the damage.

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