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Cincy Local Events

Winterfest Bluegrass Festival 01/14 to 01/16 2011 Holiday Inn French Quarter – Perrysburg, OH


River City Blues Festival 03/18 to 03/19 2011 Lafayette Hotel – Marietta, OH

Appalachian Uprising 06/02 to 06/04 2011 Eden Valley Farm – Scottown, OH

Gold Wings & Ribs Festival 06/03 to 06/04 2011 River Front – Pomeroy, OH

Summerfair 06/03 to 06/05 2011 Coney Island – Cincinnati, OH

Shaker Heights Arts & Music Festival 06/18 to 06/19 2011 corner Van Aken Blvd&Farnsleigh Rd – Shaker Heights, OH

Rock N Resort Music Festival 07/08 to 07/10 2011 Clays Park Resort – North Lawrence, OH

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