Bad quality services in medial care


Bad quality services in medial care

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If you’re struggling with your illness for a longer time, you probably met some unfriendly people in the medical staff. It is also possible that you have come across a doctor or a specialist who has neglected you or was rude in some way. It is unavoidable. There are all kinds of people out there, and sooner or later you’ll run into an unfriendly one. But the question is, what do you do about the bad doctor? The answer might not be an easy one. My mother used to choose her doctors based on how they treated her. If the doctor wasn’t nice she wouldn’t stay. I have to say, it is not quite a good way of choosing doctors. I remember telling my mom that she needs to choose doctors based on their competence. If a doctor is very nice but won’t help you due to his incompetence, he is a worthless doctor in my opinion. If you want to check if a doctor knows what he/she is doing, look for the results. See if they have time for you, so you can easily explain all your problems, if they rush you, or skip some important things than it is not going in the right way. You go to a doctor to get treated and doctors should help you, not act as if you’re an unwelcome guest.
I have a policy I always cling to, I never visit incompetent doctors more than once. The first time I get to know that a doctor is incompetent is enough for me. I do not need to see them again, especially since they usually ruin my mood as well. There is one type I hate the most, doctors who do all they can to prove you came to them unnecessairly. They imply that you needn’t visit them. Because I just love doctors and spend my free time going there to take their time. I’ve met a lot of different doctors while working as an R.N. 30 years of experience made me see different behavior towards patients. I have to say that there is a great deal of competent, dedicated and really well qualified doctors, but every now and than you’ll meet a bad one. I went to a dermatologist a few months ago. I needed him to check some itchy skin eruptions that appeared on my back. It was a really unusual experience for me. The man was the first doctor that did not want me to show the patient history, he did not even ask what drugs I’ve been taking. It was really weird to me, because there are lots of drugs that can cause possible skin problems. It was just a real shock for me. After abut 5 minutes he finally asked me what was my problem. It sounded just as if he was accusing me of taking his precious time. Because the fact that I came there and that he would have to look at my skin was unbearable. Even though he would be paid for all of it. I really felt as if I was an unwanted being there and he just looked for a moment to get rid of me.
After telling him what my problem was, he told me that it is keratosis pigmentosa. He gave me instructions on how to deal with it. I should put baby oil in a spray bottle and spray it on my back after showering. It was really amusing for me as I wondered what would the baby oil do to my clothes as I couldn’t was it down but keep it on my back. I was even more shocked after asking for some advice for people who had problems with the sun. He really blew me with the answer, „Stay out of the sun than.” I had to pay 70 for the visit.
Being a patient has its drawbacks. You are vulnerable, many times you have to get undressed or wait in an uncomfortable position. In the case i just mentioned, I might not be undressed, but I think I should have been. It might just be me, but I really do not think anyone can examine my skin through clothes. Unless the doctor had x-rays in his eyes, which I seriously doubt. Such doctors really make my blood boil inside. I loose my precious time and money. I feel really angry when facing incompetence. Don’t you?
Last week, I didn’t go to physical therapy. My body told me I wasn’t well enough to go there and get it stretched, pulled and overworked. It is a problem for me to go out often. I just can’t handle sun very well. Living in Northern Oregon doesn’t help. The weather is warm and sunny. Before going out I have to prepare myself carefully. Sunscreen, long sleeves and a hat is a necessity all year round. If I’m too long out in the sun, even with my protection, I start feeling ill. It’s like I have flu. I get a sore throat, my immune system works less efficiently and I get mild fever. The pain also increases, in the skin mostly. My skin obviously reacts and it isn’t a pleasant way. I wanted to cancel another appointment with the physical therapy scheduled the next day. I already knew nothing would go smooth when I heard a new voice in the phone. The pleasant receptionist was exchanged with some new person. I told her that I could not make it to the appointment the next day, she responded „Well, then you’ll have to make up for it next week. You can come in on Wednesday” I felt like some silly school kid who wants to skip classes. I did not like it one bit.
I told her that I would not come there on Wednesday because I already had an appointment with a doctor in Portland.
She replied, “I don’t see why you can’t come in on Thursday to make up for it, so I’ll put you down.”
I explained her slowly that I wouldn’t feel quite up to coming there after making such a trip the day before. Riding 75 miles each way might be totally easy for most people, but for me it is quite a feat. It was almost certain that I wouldn’t be feeling well the next day. I hate having to explain myself as to why I can’t do something. It makes me feel even worse when the person isn’t listening
The woman was really stubborn. She wanted me to come for a third time this week instead. I simply told her, No. I’m not going to be able to do that.”
She told me, „You have to.”
She really got on my nerve with that. I asked her, „Why are you pushing this so hard? I don’t understand?” I would really want to use much less pretty words at that time, but I live in a small town, and I don’t want to make many enemies and grudges. Especially since some of my family members also work in the medical community and I don’t want to get them embarrassed.
She responded, “Your insurance will insist upon it. “
I was really shocked, confused and a bit amused by the situation. I told her, “You’re kidding. They’ll probably be delighted they only have to pay for two visits instead of three. I’m only coming in twice next week, period.” I just put the phone down, and dialed the insurance company. They told me that frequency of visits is always left up to me and the doctor that I visit. It was nothing less than I thought.
If you’re not feeling well, being pleasant to other people is hard in particular. I really have no mood to correct some woman who is just doing her job. From my own experience, I noticed that there are few people who had training to deal with ill people. Most know nothing about it and are insensitive. I have to be honest. I like to be blunt about things, I feel much better if I tell the people what I feel. It might be good for me, but not necessarily for people around me.

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