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About Us

About Us 

This is where I’m supposed to make our family
sound exciting.  But we are who we are:  a very happy,
loving, normal family.  We are Greg, Jennifer & Brennan and we
live in St. Petersburg, Florida.


One of the most hotly talked about topics with
regard to pure bred dogs is the use of linebreeding. This is a term
that is often misused and misunderstood.

Why Havana Silk Dogs?

Invariably, each week a couple of confused puppy buyers will break
down and call me with questions about Havana Silk Dogs.  IHavanese with CDf you’ve done any web surfing lately, you’ve found lots of information
about the breed and are probably a little confused too.

Although never an official name of the Havanese, the name Havana
Silk Dog has been around for at least a couple hundred
years……describing the cute little dog from Cuba.  Of
course, everyone wants their dog to have a cool name, so often
people will interchange Havanese and Havana Silk Dog.  But the
difference is more than a name, it’s the health.

Current Litters

boutique breeders we focus on quality rather than quantity. 
This way we can pay particular attention to what we are doing,
and how we are doing it.  Frankly, we don’t want to be
known as the breeders who sell a lot of Havana Silk Dogs, we
want to be known as the breeders of the best Havana Silk Dogs.

Click here for information
about our latest litters.

While we are on the subject of puppies:  We do not ship
puppies.  We will, however, deliver the puppy to you at
your expense.

Sedoso puppies come with an unconditional, lifetime
guarantee.  If you cannot, or do not wish to, keep a dog
you purchased from us, at anytime during his life, we will take
him back, no questions asked, and refund your purchase price in

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4.50   11×10

4.50   11×8
Wallet – EK-259  $7.50

4.50   11×10

4.50    11×8

4.50    11×8
denim with red tan or black

4.50    11×8
Wallet   EL-259   

EN-5732    4.50   

$22.50    10×7

4.50   11X8

4.50    11×10

4.50   11×10

4.50  9×10




$7.50  CQ-259

Show your
Patriotism by
carrying a Patriotic bag!
Available in Red, Black,



4-asst.  $7.50





4.50   11×8

4.50     11×8



How to find a good gym near you

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There are times when you need a boost of confidence and the best method to achieve this endeavour would be to go to the gym. Keeping fit is one of the things that make both men and women very proud about themselves. Losing weight and having a healthy lifestyle helps people increase their self-esteem. However, finding the motivation to start exercising is difficult. To make matters worse, time and money are also lacking, so people often balance things in favour of staying at home. After finding the motivation and courage to check out one of the gyms your friend recommended, it is enough to see that you need an hour drive to reach the gym for everything to fall apart. Nobody can blame you, because working people do not have that much time. If you do the math, going to a faraway gym would require you to spend at least three yours of you time for each visit and this is impossible for most of us. This is why people prefer to go to a gym near them. Finding a fitness club that meets all your standards somewhere in your neighbourhood might become a problem. If you also want to cut down the expenses, you really have to prepare yourself for a long search. Going from door to door and checking out each gym in the area is not a practical thing to do. If I want to find good gyms near me, I usually use the Internet to make a quick research. You could also ask your neighbours if they can recommend a local gym. Another great method would be to use a specialized online directory.

If you have a hard time finding a gym near your place, you should try to google it. A gym might have opened its doors just a few blocks away without your knowledge and the Internet can help you identify that place. Nowadays, you can find anything online, including the most popular fitness centres in a given area. You can simply search gyms using your neighbourhood as a keyword and all the gyms from this region will appear in your search results. You could also ask your gym maniac neighbour for advice. He will probably know everything about all the gyms and fitness centres in London. You can also find out information about the equipment and personal trainers and decide upon a gym based on this data.

Another great method of finding a fitness centre in your area is to use an online directory specializing in finding a city of London gym club that meets all your requirements. Everyone knows about the websites where you can find a place to eat, but not many people know that there are also online platforms using the same principle to help people identify gums near them. Sites such as have a vast database allowing users search and compare fitness clubs near their homes. More than that, users also have the opportunity to compare prices and find out about every gym deal in London by suing this type of directory.

Central nsw region business expo

More than anything else the Central NSW Region Business Expo is all about bringing business together – in one place at one time!

There are a variety of ways that you can get involved:

Let us know what sessions you would like to be presented at the Expo.

The expo will comprise some 30 30minute business development seminars.  If you are wrestling with cash flow, confused about industrial relations, desperate for a new marketing plan, let us know about your business challenges and what information you want to have presented at the event. Email
[email protected]

Do you have a particular expertise that you would like to share with other business people?

Our Business Development Seminars are presented by business people who are experts in a particular field, rather than professional ‘presenters’.  If you have a particular expertise and would like to present a session at the Expo, please just let us know. Email
[email protected]

The expo is an outstanding opportunity to find new customers

Our business-to-business trade show will comprise some 40 exhibitors.  Exhibiting at the Expo is your opportunity to effectively and cost efficiently get your product or service in front of 100s of potential customers.  Exhibition sites are now available.  Just click here

Take ownership of the event by partnering with us

Sponsorships are currently available and can be tailored to your marketing requirements.  If you are a market leader in your industry, if you are a major business or organisation within the region, if you aim to lift top of mind awareness of your brand and/or secure your current market share, please contact us about sponsorship of the Central NSW Region Business Expo. Email [email protected]

Masterlister beta

Have you ever needed to get a print out of a directory or directories on your

Or wanted a graphical listing of the fonts on your system?

Or even just a comprehensive description of your computer system?

If so, then MasterLister is the tool for you! MasterLister is a suite
of 5 modules that allows you to make an inventory list of the contents of your computer.
It is the perfect tool for technical support teams and people who need to diagnose
computer problems. MasterLister allows you to quickly and easily create simple reports
about a specific computer.

Each module is designed to perform a specific task. Use them individually as your needs
dictate, or use them all to create a comprehensive master inventory of your computer. Each
module saves it’s output to a file on your drive that can be opened and printed from
within the module.

Thank you for participating in the MasterLister beta test. In return for your
participation you will receive a free single-user license for the final release version.
Please follow the directions below to download and install MasterLister.

1. Click Here to
2. Create a new folder on your hard drive named “MasterLister”
3. Unzip the contents of into the new folder.
4. Run MasterLister.exe

Note: The first time you run MasterLister it will run in Unregistered mode. Please evaluate
the Unregistered mode before you register the program. Refer to the file
“beta.txt” for the registration code.

Send your questions or comments to:
[email protected]

Campionato 1996-97 – ii� girone

Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti DON BOSKOV 22 7 1 0 20 7 13 608,5 76,06
MACH 11 15 5 0 3 15 13 2 572 71,5
MARAMEO ALL BLACKS 1-0 66,5 63,5 ALL BLACKS 13 4 1 3 8 7 1 542 67,75
CHEGUEPARA MACH 11 1-2 66 71 FRESH 12 4 0 4 8 9 -1 548,5 68,56
FRESH 4 ‘E MAZZ’ 1-0 70,5 65,5 4 ‘E MAZZ’ 10 3 1 4 10 8 2 559,5 69,94
PODEROSA DON BOSKOV 2-2 76 74,5 CHEGUEPARA 8 2 2 4 8 11 -3 546,5 68,31
PODEROSA 7 2 1 5 8 11 -3 535,5 66,94
MARAMEO 5 1 2 5 4 15 -11 509 63,63
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti DON BOSKOV 25 8 1 0 23 7 16 685,5 76,17
ALL BLACKS 16 5 1 3 9 7 2 613,5 68,17
ALL BLACKS CHEGUEPARA 1-0 71,5 65,5 MACH 11 15 5 0 4 17 16 1 648,5 72,06
MARAMEO PODEROSA 0-0 63 58 FRESH 15 5 0 4 11 11 0 627,5 69,72
MACH 11 FRESH 2-3 76,5 79 4 ‘E MAZZ’ 10 3 1 5 10 11 -1 620,5 68,94
DON BOSKOV 4 ‘E MAZZ’ 3-0 77 61 CHEGUEPARA 8 2 2 5 8 12 -4 612 68
PODEROSA 8 2 2 5 8 11 -3 593,5 65,94
MARAMEO 6 1 3 5 4 15 -11 572 63,56
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti DON BOSKOV 25 8 1 1 23 9 14 744 74,4
ALL BLACKS 19 6 1 3 11 8 3 687 68,7
4 ‘E MAZZ’ ALL BLACKS 1-2 68,5 73,5 FRESH 18 6 0 4 12 11 1 696 69,6
FRESH MARAMEO 1-0 68,5 61 MACH 11 15 5 0 5 17 17 0 714 71,4
PODEROSA MACH 11 1-0 66 65,5 CHEGUEPARA 11 3 2 5 10 12 -2 680,5 68,05
CHEGUEPARA DON BOSKOV 2-0 68,5 58,5 PODEROSA 11 3 2 5 9 11 -2 659,5 65,95
4 ‘E MAZZ’ 10 3 1 6 11 13 -2 689 68,9
MARAMEO 6 1 3 6 4 16 -12 633 63,3
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti DON BOSKOV 28 9 1 1 24 9 15 808,5 73,5
ALL BLACKS 22 7 1 3 13 8 5 760 69,09
MACH 11 ALL BLACKS 0-2 64 73 FRESH 18 6 0 5 12 12 0 754,5 68,59
MARAMEO CHEGUEPARA 1-2 67 76 MACH 11 15 5 0 6 17 19 -2 778 70,73
4 ‘E MAZZ’ PODEROSA 1-1 67 69 CHEGUEPARA 14 4 2 5 12 13 -1 756,5 68,77
DON BOSKOV FRESH 1-0 64,5 58,5 PODEROSA 12 3 3 5 10 12 -2 728,5 66,23
4 ‘E MAZZ’ 11 3 2 6 12 14 -2 756 68,73
MARAMEO 6 1 3 7 5 18 -13 700 63,64
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti DON BOSKOV 29 9 2 1 24 9 15 873,5 72,79
ALL BLACKS 23 7 2 3 13 8 5 820,5 68,38
ALL BLACKS DON BOSKOV 0-0 60,5 65 FRESH 21 7 0 5 15 12 3 827,5 68,96
MACH 11 MARAMEO 4-0 79 64,5 MACH 11 18 6 0 6 21 19 2 857 71,42
CHEGUEPARA 4 ‘E MAZZ’ 3-0 75,5 60,5 CHEGUEPARA 17 5 2 5 15 13 2 832 69,33
PODEROSA FRESH 0-3 63 73 PODEROSA 12 3 3 6 10 15 -5 791,5 65,96
4 ‘E MAZZ’ 11 3 2 7 12 17 -5 816,5 68,04
MARAMEO 6 1 3 8 5 22 -17 764,5 63,71
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti DON BOSKOV 32 10 2 1 26 10 16 950,5 73,12
ALL BLACKS 26 8 2 3 15 9 6 896 68,92
FRESH ALL BLACKS 1-2 71 75,5 FRESH 21 7 0 6 16 14 2 898,5 69,12
4 ‘E MAZZ’ MARAMEO 0-0 63 60,5 CHEGUEPARA 20 6 2 5 18 13 5 907 69,77
DON BOSKOV MACH 11 2-1 77 68,5 MACH 11 18 6 0 7 22 21 1 925,5 71,19
PODEROSA CHEGUEPARA 0-3 64 75 4 ‘E MAZZ’ 12 3 3 7 12 17 -5 879,5 67,65
PODEROSA 12 3 3 7 10 18 -8 855,5 65,81
MARAMEO 7 1 4 8 5 22 -17 825 63,46
Partite della Giornata Ris. Punti DON BOSKOV 35 11 2 1 28 11 17 1024 73,14
ALL BLACKS 29 9 2 3 17 10 7 968 69,14
ALL BLACKS PODEROSA 2-1 72 68 FRESH 22 7 1 6 17 15 2 968 69,14
MARAMEO DON BOSKOV 1-2 68,5 73,5 MACH 11 21 7 0 7 26 21 5 1003,5 71,68
MACH 11 4 ‘E MAZZ’ 4-0 78 63,5 CHEGUEPARA 21 6 3 5 19 14 5 973 69,5
CHEGUEPARA FRESH 1-1 66 69,5 4 ‘E MAZZ’ 12 3 3 8 12 21 -9 943 67,36
PODEROSA 12 3 3 8 11 20 -9 923,5 65,96
MARAMEO 7 1 4 9 6 24 -18 893,5 63,82
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An outlet to collection of leather bag, and receive first clean before in the leather face,Coach Sale and the bag to into a clean shredding group or cotton unlined upper garment, to keep the shape of the bag, and then will leather bag into the soft cotton bag, the collection in the closet bag should avoid improper extrusion and deformation. Receive leather cabinet must keep ventilated, such as a door is the cabinet of the shutter, at the same time, the cabinet best don’t put too much of objects. Leather itself the natural oils will along with. Coach CheapAnd the longer the time or times and gradually reduce use too much, so even if is a very high level of leather also need regular maintenance.Leather materials bag mainly by cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, P VC materials, chamois and make it, more grade bag with the mets maintain that, in fact, pay attention to the following: general skin kind of bag need often maintain on oil, no regular cleaning, it is the oil on in clean cotton cloth, and then again even ground is wipe the surface, avoid to apply directly to the oil in leather goods, in order to avoid damage the leather goods, pay special attention to avoid the damage is chemical, hard to avoid the purse that Kennedy hit and scratch. leather absorption force is powerful, should pay attention to antifouling,Cheap coachexactly high-grade sanded leather especially should pay attention to.once a week with a dry towel touchs water twist dry, repeated several times for light to wipe away.if leather the with besmirch, with a clean wet sponge temperature sex with detergent mop, then let it dry. Before using formal in inconspicuous corner to try out. if grease on,coach outlet
can be used for cloth to wipe clean, the rest by its natural away or cleaner clean, do not use water scrub. leather on hardware maintenance, should be in use with dry cloth to wipe after. Such as the oxidation, try to flour or toothpaste dabbed hardware can.paint with a soft cloth leather typically require cleaning, their own gloss enough and not easy to absorb dust. luster leather maintains, please use a little leather maintains for oil in soft touch of cloth, a little hard on again leather the friction; without luster leather maintains, usually only light with a cloth to wipe away, if dirt is serious, try to similar rubber rubber wipe gently remove. leather itself the natural oils with time too long or used times reduced gradually, so even if is a very high level of leather also need regular maintenance. leather goods such as produce stains black spots, can try with lubricious leather with alcohol light to wipe away. Shammy products be unclean, may directly with a pencil eraser, maintenance again when using a soft bristle brush down hair brush the flat direction.

Anger management | medical online information

An all natural and adaptive reaction to some threat is anger. It inspires the aggressive and effective actions within us to battle in addition to defend ourselves when someone attacks us physically or psychologically. To some degree, anger is common however, it should not be any chronic anger which will rule your existence. Chronic anger produces problem at the office too as with your associations. People getting easily inflammed have low tolerance level for frustration and the like individuals are rapidly infuriated after an illegal situation. Hence, the idea of Anger Management Therapy has been around since to help individuals get respite from the side effects of anger and it is effects. This therapy prevents in the loads of expressions of anger that gets worse aggression. Therefore, the issue resolves soon. You should cure these situations before they’re going worst and you’re feeling that you’re subject to a effective and unpredictable emotion.

Anger ought to be removed and could be carried out by such type of therapy. Existence constantly is affected with pains, loss and terrible effects of other peoples choices. The intense implications from the unmanageable anger can lead to destroy the most crucial areas of your existence. Actually, when many people don’t even find the best way to release their anger, they have a tendency to internalize their feelings. However, some understand to eating anxiously to produce their tensions and anger. Ultimately, it becomes overeating and excessive weight gains. Based on the Diagnostic and Record Manual of Mental Disorders, eating disorders have two sorts Bulimia and Anorexia. Are both dissimilar to each other and when remain without treatment can result in dying. Hence, Anger Management Therapy turns out to be a vital procedure in such instances.

Anorexia and Bulimia Treatment methods are useful for individuals struggling with eating disorders. The recurring instances of binge eating and additional forcing to regurgitation belong to Bulimia for staying away from putting on weight. Within this therapy, someone is offered lots of food to consume a minimum of two times per week, and then it’s tossed up for stopping the putting on weight. Hobbies of weight reduction, perceptual distortion of bodily proportions, anxiety about fatness, low self confidence would be the major qualities of bulimia. Anger Management Therapy is the greatest solution for such problems.

The fears of attaining weight plus an intense preoccupation to become body fat or putting on weight would be the qualities of anorexia. People struggling with this issue have disturbance in their own individual bodyweight. They anxiety about losing control while eating and also have a quest for weight reduction. Anorexia Treatment appears to be the sole measure carried out in connection with this.

People struggling with anger and depression are vulnerable to are afflicted by eating disorders. If it’s ignored, overlooked or otherwise treated timely and correctly, it can lead to drastic impact on the existence of those. Anger Management Treatments are the answer that needs to be taken in the very initial stage to ensure that it couldn’t become Anorexia and Bulimia by any means. However, many leading institutes and medical centers are supplying effective measures for stopping these disorders. Therefore, there’s still a hope for anyone dealing with this critical phase of existence to return to a contented existence again.

Felicia L Payne may be the author want to know , on Anger Management Therapy. Find more details, about New You are able to Psychiatric therapy here

Will you invest in used alloy wheels without knowing their background

Will You Invest In Used Alloy Wheels Without Knowing Their Background

Within the last few years, the advancement of the standard motor vehicle and assembled elements or spare parts has developed and improved the industry tremendously.

A section of outstanding advancement may be the tyres and wheels or in custom talk “rims”.

In earlier times, a basic production household type mode of transportation would have fitted pressed steel wheels, most of these are fashioned by either pressing or casting a primarily steel structured compound. This kind of structural design was preferred by manufacturers around the world as it was very economical and the result was a bulky, cumbersome but resilient wheel.

As technologies and manufacturing components changed the driver required more in terms of efficiency and gasoline efficiency , this progressed directly into the mass production of alloy wheels originally a product only provided and fitted to top of the range and performance vehicles.

Alloy differed drastically from steel a lot and had numerous of added advantages which included, a lighter manufactured construction with minimal compromise in strength, conducts heat exceptionally well assisting in effectiveness and fuel economy, and more importantly they were very aesthetically pleasing to the eye, good wheels certainly provided the wow factor, if not helping in creating a status symbol.

Naturally, a good set of alloy wheels carries a significant selling price and very quickly a market developed for used alloy wheels. Young male drivers are a stereo type for customization of vehicles. Whilst doing this, usually the first purchase would be a set of performance wheels and tyres. The understandable option on a tight budget would be a set of used alloy wheels.

This presents certain perils with it in as you will never know the factual history of the alloy wheels. For example, you will not know if the alloy wheels have suffered an impact. It is possible to repair this so much so it likely would not be visible to the naked eye if this is done effectively. Therefore you must always carry out due diligence.

When choosing used alloy wheels, at all times ensure the size is adequate for the wheel and tyre. Examine them very thoroughly and ensure they are indeed a compatible set. It would always be recommended that if the rim is marked in anyway, do not buy them to be on the safe side. For the very obvious reason, your life could depend on the quality and condition of you chosen product.

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La javanaise

Yesterday was my second day of ballet! It is so amazing to be doing it again; I have SO much to learn, I forgot so much in 10 years. So I am taking on Mondays, two back to back classes: a Level 1 class, followed by a “Ballet From the Basics” class. 3 hours of ballet, what! It’s pretty great taking the Ballet From the Basics because the class is slow and really gave me a chance to focus on my technique and form. I like knowing that, before I really continue in my practice, I’ll be aware of the correct posture & port de bras. Our friends Becca & Brad will be in visiting later this week, and Becca also takes lessons. I’m going to bring her to class on Friday, that will be so much fun!!!

Anyway, it just feels wonderful to be doing this kind of exercise again, to feel sore in places that I haven’t worked out in so long…..I know that I’m getting a workout! More later….

This Friday, I’ll embark upon a new adventure; one that I’ve ben dreaming of doing for the past 10 years. I’ll give you a hint:


That’s the progress of which I can currently speak. I still have lots of that lovely Habu Textiles Silk Stainless Steel left over, so I have no excuse to not seam this. I’ll keep you posted with my hopeful completion. The Habu was actually really fun to work with….the steel in it gives the project a strange sturdiness, I say strange because the yarn itself is less than lace-weight and seems so delicate. But it’s got a fine thread of steel running through the core to give it that strength that ultimately, in my opinion, makes the pattern what it is…..

Anyway, more later. Keep an eye out for the completed Ethereality!

I’ve had this domain now since January but have neglected it. I’m not sure why. I think I just need to get the first post started. So here it is; I was waiting to write some grand introduction perhaps, but honestly, I finally acknowledged- I have no readers, so then why am I doing this? I’m doing it to have a place on the web where I can condense all my hobbies and thoughts and crap that interests me. There are so many social media outlets that are ripe for microblogging, but I just want 1 space….

So here will be my webbie home, you’ll mostly find my knitting and cooking & baking adventures, but since I’m also a new homeowner, I think I’ll be posting on that progress too. And you’ll probably see a chihuahua here and there  🙂  I pledge to myself to attempt to maintain this blog & not forget about it! I might only post once a month sometimes & that is okay! So with that very brief uninteresting introduction, onwards……