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About Us

About Us 

This is where I’m supposed to make our family
sound exciting.  But we are who we are:  a very happy,
loving, normal family.  We are Greg, Jennifer & Brennan and we
live in St. Petersburg, Florida.


One of the most hotly talked about topics with
regard to pure bred dogs is the use of linebreeding. This is a term
that is often misused and misunderstood.

Why Havana Silk Dogs?

Invariably, each week a couple of confused puppy buyers will break
down and call me with questions about Havana Silk Dogs.  IHavanese with CDf you’ve done any web surfing lately, you’ve found lots of information
about the breed and are probably a little confused too.

Although never an official name of the Havanese, the name Havana
Silk Dog has been around for at least a couple hundred
years……describing the cute little dog from Cuba.  Of
course, everyone wants their dog to have a cool name, so often
people will interchange Havanese and Havana Silk Dog.  But the
difference is more than a name, it’s the health.

Current Litters

boutique breeders we focus on quality rather than quantity. 
This way we can pay particular attention to what we are doing,
and how we are doing it.  Frankly, we don’t want to be
known as the breeders who sell a lot of Havana Silk Dogs, we
want to be known as the breeders of the best Havana Silk Dogs.

Click here for information
about our latest litters.

While we are on the subject of puppies:  We do not ship
puppies.  We will, however, deliver the puppy to you at
your expense.

Sedoso puppies come with an unconditional, lifetime
guarantee.  If you cannot, or do not wish to, keep a dog
you purchased from us, at anytime during his life, we will take
him back, no questions asked, and refund your purchase price in

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