Masterlister beta

Have you ever needed to get a print out of a directory or directories on your

Or wanted a graphical listing of the fonts on your system?

Or even just a comprehensive description of your computer system?

If so, then MasterLister is the tool for you! MasterLister is a suite
of 5 modules that allows you to make an inventory list of the contents of your computer.
It is the perfect tool for technical support teams and people who need to diagnose
computer problems. MasterLister allows you to quickly and easily create simple reports
about a specific computer.

Each module is designed to perform a specific task. Use them individually as your needs
dictate, or use them all to create a comprehensive master inventory of your computer. Each
module saves it’s output to a file on your drive that can be opened and printed from
within the module.

Thank you for participating in the MasterLister beta test. In return for your
participation you will receive a free single-user license for the final release version.
Please follow the directions below to download and install MasterLister.

1. Click Here to
2. Create a new folder on your hard drive named “MasterLister”
3. Unzip the contents of into the new folder.
4. Run MasterLister.exe

Note: The first time you run MasterLister it will run in Unregistered mode. Please evaluate
the Unregistered mode before you register the program. Refer to the file
“beta.txt” for the registration code.

Send your questions or comments to:
[email protected]

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