Babs trivial exploits

so a few unknown number of weeks ago whilst cruising about the streets of downytowny phoenix vainly seeking the mystery garden (which is long gone – but it never hurts to drive by and check – and i can still see some of the cakes back there!) i made a left off of 15th avenue onto grand and had to do a double-take…..

what the hell happened to the hotel that was there and functioning mere days prior? here, on glorious grand ave, on the sweet street making a comeback….

when i circled the block to get a better look i saw what looked so familiar to my detroit-grown eyes: a burned out building! this whole little hotel thingy – all charred.

naturally curious, i pulled into the parking lot and peered through the gates – which the lazy bones car-sitting security guy did not seem prepared for. he ambled over to me and i told him i was just gawking – i didn’t indicate one way or the other whether i saw the ol’ “no trespassing in ye olden parking lot” signs.

i asked if they knew what happened

i asked if the hotel had still been open for business when she went up

i asked if anyone had been hurt

i asked if the hotel had still been occupied when she went up
“but no one had been booked into that part of the building”

i said something like “bummer” and the guy said something along the lines of:
“yeah, and some out of town invester guy just bought it. total loss.”

to which i am (suddenly somewhat less) certain of my reply:
“ooooohhhhhh…. thaaaaat kind of fire”

what a shame! i mean, i understand real estate investment. and i understand that buying a chunk of anything on grand is SUCH a grand idea. that shit is going to be un-touch-a-ble in 10 years. or less. but i also understand that sometimes an unfortunate fire of a (most likely) insured old fleabag hotel to put up lofts or some such vapid shit might just be a wise idear for a smartypants out of town investron.

gee. wonder how that fire started.

and, also, truly: rip studebaker plant.

i suuuuuuuurrrre hope that this wasn’t motivated either by insurance gain or the city government’s idea of “clean-up” prior to the super-hole. (i predict a history-making horrific devil’s night this year) (i also predict getting all happy at the tigers game this friday in phx!!!!!!!)

i also, also totally predict that since i am suddenly head over fucking heels in heart with electric six (like i am with the dirtbombs – that ultraglide in black album just about knocks me out it is soooo yummy) and the next time i get back to the d i am totally hooking up with them at the gay bar

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