You’re in my head

*cop walks up to a car with a man and prostitute in it* “I was just giving her a ride home officer I swear to God I didn’t know”


The way people communicate is so intriguing. I took a class this spring called communication and persuasion thinking it would be easy because there can’t possibly be that much to learn in that class. I got a C in the class…. I was wrong. The reason I chose the quote of the day is because the man was sitting in his car with a prostitue and before the cop could even say anything he incriminated himself by saying “I didn’t know”. The officers logical response was “You didn’t know what”. Now the man is trapped.

One of the biggest barriers to communicating effectively is preparing what you are going to say next while someone else is still speaking. Its only natural that you want to move the conversation forward because there are multiple consequences to a conversation stopping which for the most part people are uncomfortable with. Let’s say you are talking to someone and you pay very close attention to everything they say and wait until they are completely finished to form a response. There may be a pause while you gather your thoughts. The other person may interpret this as a lack of interest, or as a sign that you are uncomfortable about what they just said, they may also think you are done talking to them and just walk away. I think people fear those possibilities so much they always have their next answer ready to keep the conversation going.

The ability to contemplate your response before actually sending it is a big part of what makes instant messaging so attractive to a lot of people I know. My friends tell me they would rather talk about difficult or uncomfortable subjects on-line because you have time to think and plan what you are going to say. There is really no point to this post…. just me being a psychology major and comtemplating human nature…

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