Steps to filing an actos lawsuit

Step One: Phone Questions

Your first conversation with an Actos lawyer is very important, because it begins the process of gathering information to determine whether you have an Actos bladder cancer case. Below are a few questions you may hear during your first conversation with an Actos lawyer. Your lawyer may want to know:

  1. How long you used Actos.
  2. Your risk factors for bladder cancer, which may include:
    • Any cancer history you may have
    • Cancer in your family history
    • If you’re a smoker
    • If you’ve been exposed to pollutants at a job
  3. Whether or not you have been diagnosed with bladder cancer yet.

It’s OK if you’re unsure about any of these answers, but the more information you know during your first conversation, the better a lawyer will be able to assist you.

Step Two: Questionnaire

After speaking with an Actos lawyer, you may receive a questionnaire in the mail that asks more in-depth questions about you. This will then go back to the lawyer to review.

Step Three: Review Medical History

As your lawyer begins to put together your case, he or she will need to review a copy of your medical history.

All three steps are part of a lawyer’s process of understanding your specific situation.

Now that you know the first steps to expect when you contact an Actos lawyer, call the Anapol Schwartz law firm today to speak with attorneys Gregory Spizer or Tracy Finken.

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