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Dosha Pitta

Your Dosha Type is

“Fire Dosha”

  • The PITTA Dosha is made up of tejas
    (fire) and jala (water). The PITTA body type is usually medium build and
    nicely proportioned. The hair is usually straight, fine, and fair.

  • Dark-haired people can also be PITTA
    types. People with red hair will have some level of PITTA within their

  • Like the fire element, their temperament
    can be intense and when it manifests in excess, this can lead to
    intolerance and irritability.

  • People of this nature tend to be
    impatient because their highly active and alert minds which make them
    aggressive in situations that are irritating to them.

  • However, PITTA types also have a good
    sense of humor and a warm personality. PITTA types benefit from spending
    time in shaded and naturally calming surroundings.

  • PITTA skin will have a tendency to be
    sensitive to the sun and they need to be careful about how much time they
    spend in direct sunlight.

  • The fiery nature of the sun will
    sometimes inflame the PITTA person leading to skin rashes, freckled, and
    sunburn. All hot and humid weather will aggravate PITTA.

  • Cool showers, cool environments, and
    cool drinks will help alleviate any steaming temperatures and calm PITTA

  • When out of balance, PITTA characters
    tend to feel critical, irritated, competitive, impatient, and jealous.
    They are prone to skin-problems, mood swings, and infections.


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