Online Business Systems: Our Awards

Award Winning Management

The foundation of Online’s success is a straightforward and consistent management philosophy that emphasizes advance planning, accountability, measurement and above all keeping promises.

We keep the promises we make. We’re accountable for the results we deliver. Our word is our bond.

We apply these guiding principles to every aspect of our business and to every assignment.

Online’s leaders consistently assess each client project for how well it measures up to three specific criteria. Will the project add significant value to the client? Will it contribute to further growth for our employees? And finally, will it provide a sufficient return to the company?

Our approach isn’t rocket science, but it does score high approval ratings. Clients consistently reward Online with repeat business. Our employees endorse the approach by staying with the company, Online’s stellar staff retention rate rivals the best in the industry.

The Financial Post and Arthur Andersen are also on the endorsement list, selecting Online
six years running as one of the 50 Best Managed Private Companies in Canada.</span>

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