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years have elapsed since “the town Oakley Sunglasses of Shandong Province, villagers phase Jiaonan Mr. Baoshan accident 10 years ago in the village found a cave in front of antl ers, 9 years will it play out before, the re ghd straighteners ebay sult will be the top two cross broken. Said Mr. phase, not only that, he saved the deer skull was out to play when the child lost, for which he always felt pity. AntleReplica Oakley Sunglasses r antlers are actually fossilsvelvet I kept for years th how to fix ghd straighteners is has been not willing to use, A few days ago a good friend I had anemia, I heard a blood features velvet, velvet want to give him, and did not know how much medicinal value as well? said Mr. phase. Reporter velvet feel on the market, see this antler to be different, the age should be a long time, so contact the experts from the museum looks for Jiaonan. This is a piece of the velvet antlers evolved from fossils, dating back at least ten thousand years or more, Fake Oakley Sunglasses has no medicinal value of the . Archaeological expert s told reporters after closer look, from the situation described by Mr. phase, the cave seems to have d eserted, and there are skulls, looking as if someone lived here, but unfortunately destroyed the scene has been difficult to research, but this antlers fossils tens of thousands of years ago in Qingdao on the study of climate, ecology, an genuine ghd straighteners imal distribution, etc. is important, providing a very valuable physical basis. He has been preserved as a precious medicine, and yesterday, compared with the Post reporter phone call, Mr. The medicinal value of this piece of velvet consultation by experts Jiaonan City Museum, this velvetis actually a piece of antler fossil, dating back at least ten thousand years or more, the study of the climate at that time in Qingdao, ecology, animals, and so has the distribution importance of high value for collection. antler kept for 10 years, my family treasure of a velvet, has been 10 years, did not know there is no medicinal value?Two nights ago, villagers in the town of phase Jiaonan Mr. Baoshan call Post a teleph one reflected. Yesterday morning, reporters rushed to the house, Mr. phase, phase out a wooden bo x, Mr. Congguizili, he opened the box, and then opened the package in the distribution tiers, will be carefully took out a velvet, the reporters saw this velvet pale, about 60 cm in diameter and 3 cm in diameter at the bottom o f the antler disk about 5 cm, divided 4 forks, fork is missing the top two less than h alf velvet exterior covered with protruding vertical stripes and spots. Reporter hand weigh a bit, th e entire antler weight of about 3 kilograms. fell into a cave that phase, according to Mr. Antler, 10 years ago, many outsiders are to their village on the pre-mining metal ores Qibaoshan. At one point, he went to the mountains to watch the fun, the results of two three-turn to turn to the south of a hill Qibaoshan hea pink ghd straighteners 2010 d. I was prepared to facilitate the look, see the next piece of grass, and left the past, I did not realize there is a hole in the weeds, I suddenly slipped into it. Said Mr. phase, the hole about 2 meters d ghd straighteners reviews eep, and he fell off after the children squatting ass fell, but fortunately did not suffer any injury.Dark cave, and what are not clear, I am from the pocket of his trousers took out a lighter, by the fire found that black wall, as if someone did light a fire here, meals, Replica Oakley sunglasses Cheap ground with a velvet, and a deer skull. Said Mr. phase, he quickly picked up the ghd straighteners boots se two things, he walked a few steps, found a corner as much a human skeleton, several skull s, scared that he did not dare to move forward , and hurriedreplica r ay ban sunglasses back to clinging to the wall to climb out. cave phase was gradually destroyed, Mr. miners found valuable medicinal herbs in the cave the news spread like wildfire, many red ghd straighteners villagers into the cave, treasure hunt, and later also to the mining team cave mining, this cave has been destroyed, gradually deepened, and the top was cut open, into a gorge. reporters yesterday on the scene saw the Road Canyon is about one hundred meters, the bottom water, deep valleys at least ten meters. Originally this velvet is complete, I have put it in the cupboard, replica oakley sunglasses cheap but unfortunately our household naughty children,”

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