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License Free to try
Requirements 32M RAM 25M free Harddisk space
Operate System Win95,Win98,WinME,WinNT 4.x,Windows2000,WinXP
Downloads 29
Price $ 14.95

The Magazine Collector is designed to be the only collecting software program you will ever need to catalog and collect any type of magazine. If you collect magazines, then The Magazine Collector! is for you. Create want, wish and trade list, never go to a show or convention without your information and the prices you want to pay!
The Magazine Collector – Like all of our collecting software products, The Magazine Collector! only requires that the aqua marine colored fields in the upper left hand corner of the data screen be filled in, all other fields are free form allowing you to put in them what you want.
The Magazine Collector – Our folder screen is where you create each category of collectible magazine you have in your collection. Each “Folder” you create will have a unique name for the type of collectible in it. You can even create a “For Sale” or “For Trade” folder any type of folder that describes what is in it can be created.
The Magazine Collector – The Item Screen, in each folder you enter the items that belong in that folder. So if you created a folder called Life Magazine, you would put all your Life Magazines in your collection in that folder, of course you may have a more specific folder like 1964 Life Magazine folder, this just illustrates how you can create sub collections. But remember, it’s your collection so you can create folders anyway that suits you.
The Magazine Collector – Our Image Viewer lets you attach an unlimited amount of images to a item so you can have multiple views of the item from every angle. You can add images to each item in your collections in several formats including .bmp, .jpg, etc.
The Magazine Collector – Our reports engine lets you create reports based upon what you want to see it is integrated into the view all screen where you use the Select Column to view only what you want.

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Inner City Neighborhoods Looking for Healthier Foods

Inner city neighborhoods are one of the worst neighborhoods in this country when it comes to being able to find quality food to feed your family. Many of these neighborhoods have an abundance of fast food restaurants with very few places to get quality foods at a reasonable price. Many of these restaurants are there with the sole purpose of supplying jobs for many people in inner city neighborhoods. However, it is leaving the neighborhood overcrowded with no place to turn to if the residents would like to feed their families better food than what they can get at these restaurants.

Many of these neighborhoods are turning to the open farmer’s market type of situation where local farmers can have the opportunity to grow and sell their organic foods. This is a great option that is much healthier and gives people a place to earn the money from selling what they grow.

Unfortunately, the debate seems to be whether these communities can afford to reject badly needed jobs for local residents. Compared to the drug dealers, gangs and petty thieves some might say fried chicken restaurant that helps people earn an honest living isn’t really all that bad.

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Hormones and a cell receptor in the kidneys may explain why premenopausal women have fewer problems than men with salt-sensitive hypertension, a new study says.

Anti Viral

Antiviral medicines are generally given to people who are more likely to become seriously ill or develop complications from chickenpox.

Types Of Hypertension

New research from the Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine has found that an alternative therapy may be possible for treating some types of hypertension using an enzyme called ACE2.


Microdermabrasion using a coarse diamond-studded instrument appears to induce molecular changes in the skin of older adults that mimic the way skin is remodeled during the wound healing process…

Skin Protection

All makeup should be removed before bed each evening. There are a countless number of products for cleaning your skin, with different formulas for each skin type. Unless you use heavy makeup, it’s easiest to pick a cleanser that also removes makeup. Another option is to just use makeup remover or oil on eye makeup, as foundations and blushers usually come off easily with most regular cleansers.


Cancer is the type of common disorder or diseases that is characterized by the unrestrained partition of the cells. Millions of people all over the world are affected by these dreaded diseases and majority of people are ignorant about the cure and its treatment and thus leads to most of the death in many countries. These cells have the aptitude to invade additional normal tissues. This disease occurs either by the insertion into the isolated sites by the metastasis or by the direct growth into the contiguous tissue throughout the invasion. The unregulated growths of all the cells are much caused by the damage of the “DNA”, which consequences in the mutations to the genes that instruct proteins scheming cell division. These mutations are much caused by the chemical and corporeal agents called as the carcinogens; it is also caused by the close contact to radioactive resources and by certain viruses which can put in their “DNA” into the human genome.
There are numerous types of cancer such as the adrenalin cancer, anal cancer, aids related lymphoma, bladder cancer, brain metastasis, brain tumors, breast cancer, cervical cancer colorectal cancer, endometrial cancer, esophageal cancer, gall bladder cancer, gastric cancer, kidney cancer, laryngeal cancer, liver cancer, lung cancer, melanoma, maesothelomia, ovarian cancer, penile cancer, pituitary cancer, thyroid cancer, prostate cancer, small intestine cancer, small cell lung cancer, bone cancer and pancreatic cancer.
All these types of cancer are serious in its kinds and are needed proper care and treatment otherwise it would worsen up. If untreated, any type of cancers can ultimately cause poor health and ultimately death, Cancer is a serious disease which afflicts people at all ages but mostly during the later years of human where the body becomes to weak for fighting against the various bacterial influence.. Cancer is one of the most important causes of death in many urbanized countries. The majority of cancers have appropriate treatment and some are cured and treated by depending on the exact type, phase and location.
Some of the common forms of treatment that we have in the fast and developed medical techniques are biological therapy, bone marrow transplant, chemotherapy, clinical trials, some of the complementary medicines, gene therapy, general treatment concerns, hormone therapy, proton therapy, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, targeted therapies, vaccines therapies and in most of the cases surgeries are done. In every thousand of people all over the world today we can see two of them are effected by cancer, but due to modern technology and proper treatment it can be cured to an extent cut are not able to get rid of the root of cancer.

Island Medical Care – About Us

Island Medical Care was established by Mohammed R. Azaz, M.D. in September 2007 to provide general practitionist services to the Commack and Ronkonkoma communities of Long Island, NY.

From the onset, Dr. Azaz has recognized the importance of quality healthcare especially during these challenging economic times. He envisioned Island Medical Care to be a place where patients can see a team of experienced doctors who specialize in a variety of medical concentrations.  Within the first year, Dr. Azaz assembled a team of providers with various focuses, thus launching the concept of “multi-specialty” providing a variety of medical specialties under one roof.

These doctors are proud members of the local community and are committed to providing convenient quality medical care. Today, Island Medical Care’s mission is to provide superior care to the community ensuring each visit is timely, pleasant, caring, helpful and informative.

Standard Price List | julian therapies | Sheffield

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Facial Treatment – ВЈ45 (30 mins)                  

This facial uses Nu Skin’s revolutionary hand held galvanic spa and exclusive ageLoc gels to target the internal and visible signs of aging. Restores firmness and smoothness, reduces wrinkles and pores, and adds more life to your skin.

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Hair Treatment – ВЈ35 (20 mins)                   

A hair treatment using Nu Skin’s revolutionary hand held galvanic spa and Nutriol Hair Fitness gel. Revitalises the scalp for maximum hair vitality, helping your hair feel and look more abundant.

Nu Skin Galvanic Spa Body Treatment – ВЈ35 (20 mins)                   

Uses Nu Skin’s revolutionary hand held galvanic spa and exclusive ageLoc Body Shaping Gel to help minimise and smooth the appearance of cellulite, for a tighter, firmer and more contoured appearance (includes post treatment application of ageLOC Dermatic Effects gel to maximise results).

Hot Stone Massage – ВЈ30 (1 hr)

 A full body massage using heated basalt stones and oil. Each stroke with a stone is equal to ten normal massage strokes, giving a much deeper (but without extra pressure) and longer lasting massage experience.                  

Swedish Body Massage – ВЈ30 (1hr)                           

A full body massage with oil, using the traditional massage strokes of effleurage (stroking), petrissage (kneading) and tapotement (striking). Relaxes tense and contracted muscles, reducing pain and fatigue.

 Reflexology – ВЈ30 (1 hr)                    

A foot massage that targets specific zones of the feet, benefiting the whole body. Leaves the feet feeling refreshed, more flexible and invigorated. Especially beneficial for people with poor circulation and sports men and woman whose feet need some extra care and attention.

 Indian Head Massage – ВЈ30 (1 hr)

 A firm and gentle rhythmic head massage that includes the neck, shoulders and upper arms. Relieves tension and muscular aches and pains. Can be performed with or without oils (oils can be tailored to help with hair loss, psoriasis, etc.).

Thai Seated Massage – ВЈ30 (1 hr) 

 A rhythmic massage for the upper body, using hand pressure, muscle stretching and compression. Helps improve flexibility in the joints and soothes aching muscles.

 Reiki – ВЈ30 (1 hr)     

A Japanese technique for stress reduction and relaxation, that also promotes natural healing by channeling energy into the body by the laying on of hands (either on or just above the body).

 Hopi Ear Candles – ВЈ30 (45 mins)    

Made from cotton, beeswax, honey and sage, these ear candles offer a calming and soothing experience, helping many ailments associated with the ears, nose and throat.

 Thai Foot and Hand Massage – ВЈ30 (1 hr)

A massage of the lower legs, feet and hands using acupressure points and muscle stretching. Ideal for office and computer workers who suffer from hand and feet pain

 Holistic Facial Massage – ВЈ30 (1 hr)  

  A massage of the face and neck to aid the release of toxins. Treatment includes a deep facial cleanse and exfoliation using Neal’s Yard Organic Remedies.

Unless otherwise stated, each treatment lasts approx 1 hour and includes an initial medical consultation.


Alcohol and Drug Abuse: Receive Help Here.


experience has been that families, as well as the individual with the
chemical dependence problem, have a problem with priorities. This means
that the family can mistakenly reward the disease instead of recovery
and prevent the teen from learning.

The process of addiction leads the family members to feel in a certain
way and to react to the addict in a certain way also. Many families attempt
to reward the addict for normal behavior when that is the last thing they
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Many addicts develop a way of thinking that demands that the world “pay
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Dosha Pitta

Your Dosha Type is

“Fire Dosha”

  • The PITTA Dosha is made up of tejas
    (fire) and jala (water). The PITTA body type is usually medium build and
    nicely proportioned. The hair is usually straight, fine, and fair.

  • Dark-haired people can also be PITTA
    types. People with red hair will have some level of PITTA within their

  • Like the fire element, their temperament
    can be intense and when it manifests in excess, this can lead to
    intolerance and irritability.

  • People of this nature tend to be
    impatient because their highly active and alert minds which make them
    aggressive in situations that are irritating to them.

  • However, PITTA types also have a good
    sense of humor and a warm personality. PITTA types benefit from spending
    time in shaded and naturally calming surroundings.

  • PITTA skin will have a tendency to be
    sensitive to the sun and they need to be careful about how much time they
    spend in direct sunlight.

  • The fiery nature of the sun will
    sometimes inflame the PITTA person leading to skin rashes, freckled, and
    sunburn. All hot and humid weather will aggravate PITTA.

  • Cool showers, cool environments, and
    cool drinks will help alleviate any steaming temperatures and calm PITTA

  • When out of balance, PITTA characters
    tend to feel critical, irritated, competitive, impatient, and jealous.
    They are prone to skin-problems, mood swings, and infections.


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